Checklist for getting property in shape for letting?

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    Checklist for getting property in shape for letting?

    I'm hoping to complete on a new property purchase in the next few weeks.

    Is there a document on this site of relevant areas to cover?
    My very brief list at the moment is along the lines of:

    - Clear out any rubbish from house
    - Redecorate (Magnolia?!), buy new furniture for rooms
    - Get Fire Safety certificate, electrical and gas safety
    - Sort gas, electric, council tax bills to come to me
    - Arrange tenancy agreements

    I've only let out rooms in my own home before, and am looking for pointers to make sure I'm up to spec in terms of letting out this new property.


    The link below is a good guide for new landlords. Make sure that you have covered everything listed.


      Thats a great overview.

      Thanks very much for your help.


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