Council tax payment half months only?

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    Council tax payment half months only?

    I hope my question is not silly.
    I rent a house from first of July from an agency. They given me a written permission to sublet the property. The guy who will rent the house from me,will be move in from fifteenth of July. Its clear he has to pay the council tax from this date. But do I need to inform the council, I rented from first of July, and do I need to pay the Council Tax for this two weeks? I tried to call the council, but the guy was a zombie, He just wanted to know where from I move and where to.
    The second thing is if I have to pay the Council tax for this two weeks, there is a space on the form what I have to fill about my last address if it is in the same borough. Is in same Borough, but I am not move in and out, and I already responsible for Council Tax payment in my current flat.
    Thanks for any help!

    I am not sure what the question is. Yes, council tax needs to be paid for the property and I dont see who else is to pay for it but you. Tell the council you moved in on the 1st and out on the 15th and they will charge you accordingly. I doubt the council is interested in your details, only who is to be charged for when.Then give them the details of the new tenant.
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      Thanks for your help. Sorry if you don't understand exactly what is my question. Maybe because English is not my native. Anyway, you given me the answer
      So I will inform the council I rent the house from July. I just thinking maybe its more safe if I pay the tax rather than my tenant because only in this situation I can make sure the tax paid promptly. After I can ask that amount from my tenant. Do I need to know about any law which is not allow me to do it?


        I am a little confused by your posts as well - are you moving out and the tenant moving in, or are you going to continue to live there and take in a lodger to share the property with you?

        If you are moving out and the tenant is moving in, you need to ensure the council tax liability is transferred to the tenant?

        You are responsible for the council tax at the property you live in. So you pay from the date you move in until the date you move out. Tell the council these dates. The new tenant then pays the Council tax from the day they move in. You tell the council, they send the bill to the tenant. You do not need to take the money from the tenant to pay the council, as the tenant is responsible for his own bills. Have you also changed the utilties - power, water, gas etc, to the tenant's name.

        I am concerned that you know very little about letting. Have you drawn up a written agreement for the tenant, taken and protected a deposit from them. Taking on a tenant can be full of risks and problems if you do not do it correctly and adhere to all the laws covering tenancies. Have you also got references and credit checks on this tenant to ensure they can pay the rent, look after your property etc?

        However, if in fact you are going to remain in the property and take in someone to live with you as a lodger, you should make an agreement to split the bills. You can then still pay the council tax and ask the lodger for his half of the full amount. You do not need to add him to the bill if you are still the main occupant of the property. Same would apply to the utilities and other household bills.


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