Tenants suddenly left early Advice please

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    Tenants suddenly left early Advice please

    Tenants have 12 month Fixed TC AST until 31st August. Discussions were taking place about early termination at their request. Need to sign surrender explained & I requested a fee as part of the termination process for agreeing to it. Fee not disputed but wanbted me to take from deposit & a cheque. Explaine I couldn't use the deposit. They would get this back at end if no need for me to claim from it.
    I served Section 21 at start of May - no repsonse to this
    All went quiet then on 27th May (dey before I go out of country) they drop keys & a letter through my home letter box stating they have moved out and are surrendering property back.
    No forwarding address. Couldn't deal till back from holiday mid June so sent email & letter (to house & previous address - parents) infoming them that we had not 'agreed' to them leaving early and were still in contract till 31st August.
    I don;t want to battle in court to be told they cant pay so want to get new Tenant in place.
    Questions.As I couldn't deal with situation till mid June I am prepared to accept termination from 1st July. Can I claim 1 months rent from deposit ?
    I intend to claim from deposit for damage that they had already caused to walls and furniture from mould - - failed to control condensation. I have to make them aware of claim within 14days of end of tenancy. Is this 31st August or will it be 1st July as I am accepting from then.?
    As I am doing single claim through DPS do I need to write to tell them about claim or will DPS contacting them be the notice of the claim?
    Thanks in advance
    . Do I need to serve Section 8 ?

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