Liable for water damage even though I was alerted late?

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    Liable for water damage even though I was alerted late?

    I rent out a flat and, due to a problem with the sealant on the bath, water has leaked into the flat downstairs. The owners of the downstairs flat have told us just a few days ago despite waiting for at least six weeks to inform us. To what degree am I liable to pay for repairing the damage in view of this significant delay?
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    Iy may have taken other flat's occupant 6 weeks to determine source of water. If they are claiming for consequential damage, best they put it in hands of their Ins Co who may then claim from you/your Ins Co. Bath sealant repair is prob your resp, hardly expensive or time consuming.


      Blunt and to the point.

      It is property belonging to you that leaked.
      You allowed your leak to damage someone elses
      Your lack of maintenance caused the leak.
      You pay to have flat downstairs damage repaired.

      Where you get the money to repair is no concern of theirs.

      You receive a bill for the repairs, and if you don't pay, they can take
      you to court.
      If you are lucky, your buildings or tenants contents insurance may pay,
      but if it was lack of maintenence, they may not pay.

      But it is up to you to pay for repairs, either out of your own pocket, or
      through any insurance that may cover you.

      We all assumue the leak is now fixed.



        Make a claim on your insurance.


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