After eviction what happens to any possesions left ?

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    After eviction what happens to any possesions left ?


    I have a bailiffs appointment tomorrow to evict a non paying tenant

    if there are possesions left at the property do I have to put them in storage ?

    or on possesion of the house do they become mine ?

    I have a new tenant who is waiting to move in so want to clear the house asap

    any help greatly appreciated

    The issue of a tenants possessions must be dealt with in the tenancy agreement. They do not become yours; they are the tenant's property and must be treated accordingly.

    If they leave anything other than obvious rubbish - take dated pictures - old food, empty boxes etc then you are safe to discard them as part of a clean up. Don't assume the sofa with a broken arm or leg is rubbish.

    Try to get written confirmation that anything left in the property is to be discarded. If you can't, then you may need to store it until such time as they have collected it; you can charge them reasonable costs for storage as long as it confirms that in the tenancy agreement. A months storage is probably sufficient. Make sure you inventory everything that you store with pictures and store it somewhere where it can't sustain damage.
    My advice is not based on formal legal training but experience gained in 20+ years in the letting industry.




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      • Reply to Rent Apportioning
        by ash72
        The calculation should be (monthly rent *12/365 * No. of days) to get the right cost per day.
        23-07-2021, 14:40 PM
      • Rent Apportioning
        by London87
        I have a query in respect to apportioning of rent.

        If a tenant services notice to terminate the tenancy agreement under a break clause and the notice expires at a random day in the month - i.e. not at the end of the monthly rental period; will in this case the rent due for the last period...
        23-07-2021, 11:13 AM
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        by London87
        I understand the logic to pro-rate rent already paid when the notice is given during mid-month but the situation is different. In this case the notice to terminate was given 2+ months before expiry of the tenancy. So before the start of the last rental period (rent monthly payable in advance), it is...
        23-07-2021, 14:36 PM
      • Reply to Rent Apportioning
        by ash72
        You should not agree a random date to end the tenancy, it should finish on the day before the rent is due, as long as the correct notice has been given. It would then be at your discretion to then apportion the rent if you wanted to.
        23-07-2021, 12:20 PM
      • Reply to Rent Apportioning
        by MdeB
        As I understand it, the general principle is that rent is paid in advance for the month. If tenant chooses not to use the whole month, then they are not entitled to a refund.
        23-07-2021, 11:28 AM
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        A significant flaw in your plan is that you want to use the property in June, July and August and the only possible lettings are holiday lettings when the popular months will be June, July and August.

        Apart from that, if you want a flat there are all the snags (understatement!) associated...
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      • Reply to Rent payment after S21 ends
        by Bob Biscuits
        Yes, hopefully it won't go that far as the council aren't aware that our S21 is not valid, and if/when it gets as far as court I will tell the court/letting agent that fact and it will buy us another few months, hopefully in which time we will find somewhere....
        23-07-2021, 08:17 AM
      • Rent payment after S21 ends
        by Bob Biscuits
        Hi all,

        We were served a Section 21 which ended yesterday, 20th, and we are in the process of seeking alternate accommodation. Due to the nature of the rental market at present, we are still in the house as we haven't found anywhere else (I did have a thread on the actual notice itself...
        21-07-2021, 14:48 PM
      • Reply to Imminent eviction
        by theartfullodger
        Tenant is able to appeal court order (eg s21 invalidity ) up to time bailiffs walk up garden path. V unlikely, unlikely court would agree challenge, but theoretically possible.

        Wait 'n see
        23-07-2021, 07:00 AM