How long do I get to take landlord to court?

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    How long do I get to take landlord to court?

    Im in Scotland and back at end of June I moved out and landlord refused deposit saying the council(I had just left work and signed on) never paid him for the last months rent so kept my deposit, I went round to Council, got a printout stating they had, and I have all receipts stating the dates and amounts I paid him, so I have proof.

    What I dont have proof of though is the £5 a week electric.

    Also the council accidently paid him an extra month which means he owes me that(as this was arrears) when I told them to make that payment to me. So in Total he owes me around £300

    I sent him a letter a few months back recorded delivery stating he had 14 days from date of letter to refund me or I will take it to small claims court.

    The day it was recieved I recieved a few witheld number calls, but didnt have call minder so no message was left so I reckon it was him.

    Also the RM site has his signature as the person who signed for it.

    Im worried as my current income after rent is about £10 a week so I cant afford to pay the court to get an order.

    I have read on these forums that the Law in Scotland is a lot different than England or Wales.
    My understanding of this is that should you make a claim in the courts and succeed to win then the LL would bear all the costs.
    I fancy that if you issue the claim the LL will realise that he is in the wrong and refund you BEFORE the case comes to court.
    I would like to mention that I'm not a professional in these matters and I'm sure a senior member will be along shortly to 'shoot me down in flames' but that's my understanding.

    I'm sure you'll get a definitive answer shortly!!!!

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