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  • What's the problem?

    Why is it that so many lettings go bad?

    Is it that landlords are money grabbers with no interest in housing?
    Or that tenants are unreliable & take the mickey?

    There seem to be so many sad stories & problem

    Maybe we just hear about the disasters

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    I think its mainly that people only come to Forums like this when they have problems I've been a tenant for 14 years (various private LL's) but have to admit I never ever thought of doing a search for a forum like this until i had a problem (which is now only found this place today!)


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      I think you maybe right

      Although I manage over 600 properties
      I suppose I am only regularly contacted by 10%

      Because they only contact me when they have a problem
      But it is usually the same 10% that get the problems


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