Water Leak from roof - Damages to tenant's content, who is responsible?

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    Take a look at your tenancy agreement - usually somewhere it states that the landlord insures the building but it is up to the tenant to insure the contents. I always make a point of mentioning this at the outset of a new tenancy.

    It is up to the freeholder to insure the building. Could be your Landlord owns a share of the freehold.

    You could try a claim from the Landlord/Leaseholders policy but it might not be successful.

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  • Water Leak from roof - Damages to tenant's content, who is responsible?

    I am the tenant of a flat situated on the top floor of a building.

    After a long couple days of rain, water started leaking from the roof and damgaged some of my content, mainly electronics (TV Set etc). Unfortunately I did not have any content insurance.

    When I talked to the agent, he said that the damages to the walls would be taken care of but it is a different story for content. The landlord was only insured for fixtures and not for the tenant's content. He also said that this was not covered under the building manager's insurance.

    My reaction would be to think that the building manager's insurance should cover the damages as they have a responsibility to maintain the building. If costs are incurred as a result of the building not being properly maintained, they should bear these costs I would believe. I should also mention that another leak took place a few months before and neither the walls nor the roof have been fixed.

    Bottom line, I am unwilling to pay for something I am not responsible

    Could you please let me know what you think? I would appreciate any guidance.

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