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    Hi, is anyone familiar with the form to gain more time for enforcement? Got someone owing just shy of 6k and have found out now working. I have been tracking this joker for years and now may have means but order was 16/01/13 so almost 6 years up :-( Could of sworn I read somewhere that you can get another 6 years but cannot find the form an local court are useless cannot get through on phone so guess a visit required. Tks


    Perhaps it is form N445 but not sure how to fill the form in. Currently got an urgent trace running on him, would the figures to be added include the 8% pa, dont even know what type of warrant it is and cannot find a guide to complete, any help much appreciated.


      Just apply for an attachment of earnings order ASAP, surely?



        Thanks JK0, think I am time limited, it is 2nd hand information that he is working and also dont have a current address. Guess key is the correct form and filling it out correctly to ask to extend the time, obviously taking into account that the interest will stop at 6 years.


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          Hi Everyone,

          I'd welcome your advice, I'm in the process of renting out a property and have been disappointed in the lack of interest from potential tenants, However, I've been approached by an EU National new to the UK ( 6 weeks ) and keen to rent the house. He is awaiting the arrival...
          21-03-2019, 08:24 AM
        • Reply to Tenant Offering to Pay Rent in Advance
          Not to mention the leccy bill!.

          OP specify in AST the dates for the 3 month advanced rent payment.
          26-03-2019, 04:45 AM
        • No deposit strategy
          Hello all,

          I'm hoping those of you with much more experience could help me out. I've been reviewing the way in which i manage my tenancy's and im thinking of no longer taking deposits and instead just bringing rent up to market value. Obviously there is both pros and cons to this idea...
          21-03-2019, 15:44 PM
        • Reply to No deposit strategy
          T agrees to pay the rent due on signing the AST for 6 months. Even if Rent lowered as an incentive for No Deposit they still remain liable for any adjuged LL losses.
          26-03-2019, 04:17 AM
        • Boundary/tree issues
          A property I look after has a large palm tree in the garden. It overhangs the neighbouring property and the neighbour is annoyed. He's written to the tenant demanding that he (or the owner) gets the tree cut back or he'll do it himself and forward the invoice. He has made no mention that the tree poses...
          25-03-2019, 10:45 AM
        • Reply to Boundary/tree issues
          This often arises with conifers affecting next door's garden.
          IMO there can be no trespass if overhanging branches are returned to the tree's owner by throwing them back over the boundary line.
          Tell the neighbour this may affect the aesthetic appearance of HIS tree and he is liable for disposal...
          26-03-2019, 03:32 AM
        • Renting and the barrier wall of 'No DSS'
          Tenant here,

          First post, so please play relatively nice...

          My current living situation is requiring me to consider all angles, sources of information and help...

          I'm usually employed in the UK design consultancy sector, unfortunately, traumatic life events don't...
          23-03-2019, 18:31 PM
        • Reply to Renting and the barrier wall of 'No DSS'
          Many LLs are frit by the universal roll-out of UC
          They can do their best to vet Ts but we cannot stop them applying for Benefits
          The only safer solution is to get T to provide a house owning G,willing to be liable for T's debts for duration of T.
          That in itself can be a good indication...
          26-03-2019, 02:49 AM
        • Fair wear and tear and rules re: deposit deductions?
          Hi there,

          Not a landlord but rather a tenant but interested in an objective opinion...

          Have recently moved out of a property having lived there for a year, it was brand new when we moved in (though not without issue as things weren’t picked up by quality control).
          25-03-2019, 14:24 PM
        • Reply to Fair wear and tear and rules re: deposit deductions?
          If I were the landlord and I decided to pursue this, I would provide sworn statements to the court that the floor was perfect on completion from the chartered surveyor, site manager, building surveyor, architect, floor fitter, snagger, estate agent, letting agent, cleaner, uncle Tom Cobley and all....
          25-03-2019, 20:55 PM