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    Hi, is anyone familiar with the form to gain more time for enforcement? Got someone owing just shy of 6k and have found out now working. I have been tracking this joker for years and now may have means but order was 16/01/13 so almost 6 years up :-( Could of sworn I read somewhere that you can get another 6 years but cannot find the form an local court are useless cannot get through on phone so guess a visit required. Tks


    Perhaps it is form N445 but not sure how to fill the form in. Currently got an urgent trace running on him, would the figures to be added include the 8% pa, dont even know what type of warrant it is and cannot find a guide to complete, any help much appreciated.


      Just apply for an attachment of earnings order ASAP, surely?



        Thanks JK0, think I am time limited, it is 2nd hand information that he is working and also dont have a current address. Guess key is the correct form and filling it out correctly to ask to extend the time, obviously taking into account that the interest will stop at 6 years.


          Originally posted by Lorimer View Post
          Good news. I have just contacted the tenant referencing company that we used to enquire whether they had any additional information on the tenant which had not been included in the PDF report that they had sent us. They said 'yes' and were able to provide me with a payroll number and also a job title and location for the tenant. I have just put the completed attachment of earnings application form in the post and have everything crossed. Wish me luck that I do not end up with a 10 pence a month order. The tenant owes us over 10K, including interest and fees!
          I was searching for something related to my predicament and I saw this post.

          i need all the help that I can get. Tenant owes over 6k and is been evicted soon—-warrant issued. I just need to know the process of getting my money back. Kindly assist me with what worked for you. Steps and process. I will really appreciate it.


            I've recently found that one of my tenants in another property who owes me 6 months rent arrears owns an apartment in Croatia. If I get a CCJ registered against him, is there a way I can get this transferred to Croatia and charged against his apartment to make him pay. I've heard of the European Payment Order (https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_...dures-41-en.do)

            Has anyone had any luck getting money/placing a charge on foreign properties when foreign nationals come to the UK, run up rent arrears and then go back to Europe?

            many thanks


              Successfully did it from one legal jurisdiction to another (Scotland, recover £££ from England) . Found a firm that helped. Bet there are some but as UK has left EU, fewer & fewer rights that we used to enjoy.... sigh!

              I'm sure someone can list the benefits we now enjoy being out...
              I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                Sorry, you'll need some kind of specialist help.

                The answer used to be yes (although how successful such cases were in practice I have no idea). But both mechanisms were available as part of our EU membership.

                That form and European Small Claims procedure may or may not have been kept alive by the transition agreement after 31st March this year, but I certainly don't know.

                And any process is likely to be affected by the end of transition on 31st December, when, as currently expected we end our existing relationship with the EU altogether.
                When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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                  You could do this if you blindly follow 1980s legislation but given we are in the middle of a pandemic, the risk of infection and restrictions on one person from one household entering another household you would need to consider if that is the right thing to do. In this case is the risk of infection...
                  04-03-2021, 19:07 PM
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                  The OP refers to 'electrical maintenance' not inspection and testing of the electrical installation
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                  And water can travel quite a way under laminate flooring if it's laid on a solid floor....
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                  I rent a house from a landlord (generally pretty decent and helpful). I did a thorough mopping of the floor a while back, which is made up of interlocking wooden plywood slats. Unfortunately some of the water must have drained below, causing some of the slats to 'bubble' and rise...
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                  by AndrewDod
                  - Nobody can be forced to be a director of a company (indeed some people are disqualified)
                  - If you are disabled and you feel the property is not managed according to the law/lease it is better not to be a director (or even a minority shareholder)....
                  04-03-2021, 18:37 PM
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                  Hi there,

                  My block of flats has 8 shares. I have one flat and one share. the majority shareholder has 1 flat, 3 shares. She started the building limited company before I moved in, and it's just her and her ex partner on the board. The two of them always end up doing the work on the building...
                  04-03-2021, 09:31 AM
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                  by pebblepebble
                  Because I have had two solicitors now telling me I can't go onto the property to do the work without permission and as we are selling once they are formally evicted I'm not worried if it doesn't get done....
                  04-03-2021, 18:16 PM
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                  by Hudson01
                  As said above he does sound like a guest and not a tenant, although he may well have a claim on the house via the rules governing inheritance unless the will states something different ..... which given his family position can be challenged anyway....
                  04-03-2021, 18:13 PM
                • Unusual situation
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                  The ex husband of a friend of mine has died. She is an executor of his estate and is unsure of the situation re her stepson. He receives some benefits (not housing) and has lived in the pool house (more of a shed really) rent free for the last fifteen years. It has a washbasin, a cooker and a heater....
                  04-03-2021, 15:58 PM