Landlord refusing to pay back deposit :(

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    The letter is more powerful than being able to prove the room was re-let. So long as it doesn't say 'you can have your deposit back on 5/5/12 providing I can find a new lodger' then you should have no problem. Follow my advice in post #2, and this may be useful too:

    There is no need for a solicitor, it is a simplified process, but it may be an idea to see if your local library has a book on the 'small claims process'. I have one by 'Pearl and Goodman' called "Small Claims Procedure: A Practical Guide"


      Originally posted by mariner View Post
      According to OP he only gave verbal, not written notice, contrary to contract, and LL only gave written confirmation that he would return deposit on a specific date, not that he accepted Ts Notice.
      I despair when people want hotel accom from res LLs, and why LLs accept such Ts, unless they are running a hostel.
      Both seem confused with diff between a T & lodger
      OP was a lodger, with min rights, living in someone elses home, by agreement. Breaks this agreement (contract). LL is entitled to some comp for breach of Contract, but not properly negotiated, IMO
      Yes, the LL handled it badly by agreeing to return the deposit. OP seems to feel hard done by, when he is the one who gave notice a week after moving in, then threatened to withhold the keys. Hardly surprising that the LL wasn't overjoyed.


        thank you very much for the advice I will let you know about the outcome soon. Thanks again.


          I don't think you fully understood what the issue here was. When I decided to move out, I asked him what my options were and he told me a months notice would be enough, although he also stated that I could move out earlier provided I find a replacement tenant. I said i'll try but cannot promise. He agreed and started advertising himself and a lot of people were viewing the room when I was living there. A week before I left the place he asks me for the £85 pounds for the extra week so I did give it to him on the condition that he return my full deposit when I left. He agreed, but on the day I was leaving he did not have it, and it's been 4 weeks now and I still don't have it. The reason I withheld the keys is because I knew he would try to pull something like this. how is this fair on his part? For all I know he already has a tenant and made off with my £340 as well.


            I just wanted to ask you one last thing. The letter he gave me said that the contract will be terminated by both parties on 21-05-2012 at the house. Does this mean the contract is terminated automatically on the said date and he did not need to give me another letter saying so on the 21st. So sorry to bother you but I am in a fix and dont want to get in to another mess.


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