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    Hi everyone. I hope you are able to clear this up for me.

    We live in a privately rented flat above a bakery, the stairs to which are located outside of the property. Just above the entrance door, there is an air brick. We have a bees nest somewhere inside that brick as bees are constantly flying in and out of it. Last summer on several occassions, literally thousands of bees swarmed, making a black cloud appear, reaching across the road and having people running away from the area.

    Since their arrival last summer we have been asking our landlord to do something about them. To date nothing has been done and now we are back into summer, their numbers and activity is rapidly on the increase again, with there currently usually around 50 - 100 bees visible going in or out of the air brick at any one time during the day.

    We have 3 young children, aged 9, 6 and a 3 month old baby. Last summer, the children were stung on several occassions, including 1 of my boys being stung heavily on 1 occassion, with about 10 stings, including 1 inside of his mouth.

    As i understand it, honey bees are protected and cannot be exterminated, but instead the queen must be removed and relocated.

    My question is who's responsibility is this?

    We feel that it is the landlord's responsibility to sort them out but would like this confirmed before we put stronger pressure on him to do so, or go ahead and organise it ourselves and take it out of his rent.

    We have several other problems with this landlord which are in a seperate thread.

    Thank you in advance for all your replies and advice.

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    Why don't you look in your local yelow pages for beekeepers - ring one or two up and I am sure you will have a willing recipient for the bees - most beekeepers will be only too glad of them and will collect them for you free - then, when they are gone, put a very fine mesh over the airbrick holes thus preventing them resettling there.


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