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    Holiday Letting.


    New to the forum looking for some help please. Not sure which forum the should be in so tried here.
    Currently living in a mid terrace in suburbs of london and want to "retire" down to a rual area on the south coast. The difference between the prices here and the type of property we are looking for is higher than expected (in the region of £100-£150k more ). This will eat into the savings we were planning to live off.

    As such we are thinking to try to get a place either with an anexe or that could have a section shut off which we could use for hoilday letting. The idea being to try to make up the shortfall in the interest on the savings.

    The first questions are
    Would we need planning permission to use part of the property as a holiday let and if so can we apply for that before we buy the property.
    Will using part of the property mean that we have to pay business rates on the property.


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