Can I serve a Section 8 notice now?

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    Originally posted by firepool View Post
    Can I go back in to remove the rotten food which is making the property smell?
    I have never heard of a tenant claiming money for food in the fridge that has been left after they have moved elsewhere.
    Take pictures if it worries you.

    Was the fridge door left open?
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      No it was closed but the smell seemed to be really bad and can only get worse.

      I'm just a bit worried about going round there as the tenancy still exists even though I think they have vacated now.

      There seems to be quite a lot of kids toys, clothes, animal hutch in garden which has been left there and I don't know if T is coming back for these. Also a lot of rubbish everywhere.

      I want to wait for the bailiff to execute the warrant before I take property back as I do not want an illegal eviction claim.


        I don't think throwing away mouldy food will result in an illegal eviction conviction.
        I have been to a lot of abandoned properties, some have been empty for months, and never smelt mouldy food from a closed fridge.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


          It's not so much throwing the rotten food away that bothers me, it's the thought if T does come back and notices I've been in there they might accuse me of taking some of their possessions even though there's nothing of any value.


            I got my house back yesterday when the bailiffs attended and the tenancy legally ended. It was 5 months and 4 days from the date the non-rent paying tenant moved in to the date they was evicted.

            The tenant had actually moved out a couple of months ago but left quite a few possessions in the property. And I know that they returned periodically, which I can only think was to see if I'd changed the locks so that they could claim illegal eviction.

            Many thanks to all on this forum for the advice in the last few months. And thanks to Landlord Zone.


              Heartfelt congratulations on the completion of what was obviously a very stressful experience.


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