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  • Best area in Manchester for Student BTL

    Hi Guys, this is my first post so please be gentle with me. My daughter is planning on going to University in Manchester next year, and I reckon that the most cost efficient way of meeting the accomodation costs would be for me to buy a small property on a BTL interest only mortgage. She could share the house with 2 other students who would pay the going rate, which should help to cover most of the mortgage costs.
    My question is this:- Which areas should I be looking to buy a small 3 bed terrace property in? Obviously it has to be reasonably close to the Universities, or easily commutable at least. The plan would be to sell it if she decides not to live in Manchester after her studies.
    I don't know Manchester at all (I'm in Teeside) and would like to do some internet research on prices of housing in various areas of the City that are popular with students.
    Are any of you guys Manchester based?
    Any help would be appreciated - many thanks.

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