Advice please re:deposit problem.

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  • borninabarn
    Thank you both for your help.

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  • PaulF
    Remember this:
    1. If the depopsit was held as stakeholder then no deductions can be made without your agreement and that of the landlord jointly.
    2. If it was held as landlord's agent or agent for the landlord then the agent MUST take instructions from the landlord if anything is to be deducted, and it can be challenged by you.
    3. Agents cannot make any decisions regarding deductions from deposits, it must be one of the above scenarios.
    4. Receipts MUST be provided concerning any deductions.
    5. The inventory appears to state there was nothing untoward upon your exit.
    6. Contact the landlord directly to see if he authorised such a deduction (he is likely to be unaware of this).
    7. If you remain dissatisfied then you have to take the landlord to court, not the agent. I can almost guarantee that the agent or landlord will capitulate when challenged.

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  • P.Pilcher
    I would make your letter a bit stronger with a time limit - say 14 days stating that if a satisfactory explanation for the deduction of the £40 is not forthcoming in this time given the circumstances or the £40 not refunded, then you will be taking court action against the landlord as you consider the deduction totally unjustified. If you get no reaction, it will be off to the computer to contact small claims court online for you!


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  • borninabarn
    started a topic Advice please re:deposit problem.

    Advice please re:deposit problem.

    Hello I was wandering if anyone can offer any advice to me. To cut a long story short, today I recieved a cheque from the letting agency I rented my flat from.

    My deposit has had £40 deducted for 'cleaning purposes'. I am baffled as to why, considering the exit inventory compared to the entry one quite clearly shows that the property is now much cleaner. The inventory company quite clearly state that in their opinion "the property has been left in a domestically clean and tidy condition, subject to normal wear and tear for the length of the tenancy". I was there for 3 years.

    I phoned the agent, (who was not in and very rarely is!) I left a message asking her to phone me back monday morning as I would like recipts for this £40 to show exactly what it has been spent on.
    I have also been over all documents and contracts to make sure that the place was not professionaly cleaned before I moved in. I have found no evidence of this.

    What I need to know is what should I do next, should I contact the landlord directly? I know some might think its a lot of fuss for £40 but it is more about the principle, I have had continual problems with them over the 3 years and feel that this is the final straw.


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