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  • Fleas in new property


    We have recently moved into the new property and we are experiencing bad fleas bites. First we though that these are bed bugs but after catching few fleas it looks like that we have got fleas in the property and weare getting bites every night.

    We don't have any pet and never had any before.

    I don't know where did they come from? In the property landlord put the new carpets upstairs before letting this to us but he cleaned the one in the living room.

    I am wondering if the landlord suppose to pay for the fleas treatment as we don't have any pets.

    Is this possible to catch fleas through removal company as they use blankets to protect the furnitures?

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    Check out the lifecycle of the flea- it's amazing. They can stay dormant as eggs for up to 2 years and can live in the old carpet or gaps in the skirting board - which is most likely in your case.

    Complain to landlord immediately - it is his responsibility. There are some very good sprays around from Vets but expensive for treating affected areas. If you don't treat it will get worse. Vacuumming every crack and crevice + spraying will help get rid.

    I find that fleas are attracted to navy blue fabric like denim - anyone know why?

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      Fleas may have been left by previous Ts or transferred by your removers blankets or anyone who had brief contact with infected animal, sofas etc. Any of your soft furnishings as well as carpets etc may now be infected. Fumigation treatment is rel inexpensive and not too disruptive if it can be carried out whilst you are away for the weekend.
      Get an estimate (Council may rec a suitable pest controller). Inform LL asap and negotiate splitting costs if reqd.


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        Fleas can live in an empty property for a while, as soon as you move in you then become their food source.


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          It may be difficult to prove the fleas were already there before the start of your tenancy. It may be easier to get rid of them yourself, and it's not as expensive as you think.

          Buy Rentokil's Insectrol powder and use as per directions, keeping all windows and external doors shut. Make sure you buy enough powder to sprinkle everywhere, with extra helpings in nooks and crannies.

          You may need to stay away from the property for two or three days while the powder does its job, but it is excellent.

          I once bought a property which turned out to have fleas and after trying many different products (which didn't work) I tried this one and it worked perfectly.

          After all the fleas have been killed, make sure you hoover the powder off thoroughly as I have read somewhere that if you splash water on it it turns blue, which of course is bad for carpets!

          Let us know how you get on.


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