Fire Alarms and Emergency lighting.

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    Fire Alarms and Emergency lighting.

    What are the legal requirments for Fire alarms (fire safety) and Emergency Lighting for HMO Licensing.

    The property is a 4-6 bedroom house arranged on only two floors. My council is enforcing the additional licensing scheme however on the website it is very vague on exatly what is and what is not required.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    HMOs must be fit for the number of people living there and, as such HMOs should have an adequate means of escape from fire and other adequate fire precautions, e.g. smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and escape route lighting. Unfortunately, the guidelines only state that means of escape from fire should be 'adequate' and don't mention how many there should be.

    You will find that this can be satisfied by a risk asessment, for lighting the escape route, and ensuring high risk areas such as kitchens and the escape route itself are monitored. Your local authority or local approved contractor should be able to help you on this. Emergency lighting isdesigned (by us anyway) to comply with BS5266 (document), which requires signage too.

    Hope this helps

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