Tenancy agreement AST > Vacating Early terms - do they still apply under periodic?

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    I'd agree with Snorkerz: You could have held tenant liable for rent and treat the tenancy as continuing until the correct expiry of their one month notice.

    But if room was relet from 1 March it means you had accepted that their tenancy would end by then.

    You have suffered no extra cost nor any loss, so it would seem rather petty to rely on the tenant's ignorance to extra money from them.
    If they do pay, perhaps consider it an unexpected bonus, but I would not pursue the matter if they do not.


      Snorkerz, jjlandlord - thank you for the advice gents.

      Interesting how T's are so very nice when they need a reference for their ongoing property, but when it comes to the deposit return (after I have given a glowing reference) they will twist and turn at every turn to get out of what they owe, and I'm not referring to the Early vacate terms discussed in this thread, am referring to things like carpet cleaning etc.. which the T knew was done at viewings as they commented on how clean it was but never mind, I have the receipts to show professional cleaning was done. Just wished T's would just have enough moral decency to meet what's outlined in the TA and not 'try it on'.

      Well, I can always update the new LL, EA of deposit return experience so they have an amber light on this particular T. Which is basically what I got from his previous LL

      Now, who can someone please help with drafting my AST to amend so it is "contractual periodic tenancy" tight?


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