Shower repair quote in private shorthold tenancy property

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    Shower repair quote in private shorthold tenancy property


    I'm hoping for assistance with an issue I'm having with my landlord and his maintenance man. Previously, I've reported any issues with the property to the maintenance man and he's attended to fix the problem without issue. A couple of weeks ago, however, I notified the maintenance man that there was a leak coming from under the bath. He attended and concluded that it was due to water accumulating/splashing around the edge of the shower curtain onto the windowsill (note that the shower curtain was fully drawn) and then trickling down the cracks of an unfilled tile and under the bath. He removed the front bath panel and stated that the problem must have been occurring for a while due to the extent of the damage under the bath. I have only been in the property for seven weeks, however.

    He consulted with the landlord who asked him to remove the shower completely. I advised that this was not a reasonable solution as we used the shower on a daily basis. Additionally, the shower was advertised with the property and on the inventory I signed when moving into the property. I also sought legal advice from a solicitor, who advised that since I was using the shower in a fair and tenentable fashion, I could not be held responsible for the splashing and that it is the landlord's obligation to adjust the shower to address the issue. This I then communicated to the maintenance man.

    Today (approximately two weeks after the original call out) I've received a bill of £113 from the maintenance man for call out and repair of damage done to the property as a result of my use of the shower. was given no advanced notice that I would be liable for a call out charge and there this nothing stating this liability in the tenancy agreement. Am I under any obligation to pay this or am I right in my belief that if there are any repair costs, they should be directed to the landlord for payment?

    Please note that I am fully paid on my rent and consider myself to be a model tenant. The purpose of raising this issue in the first place was to avoid any unnecessary damage to the landlord's property.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this issue as it is currently causing me a lot of anxiety and stress.


    Unless you can provide proof that LL instructed you to contact maintenance man directly for any problems/repair, then you engaged the man to call & undertake repair. Your liability.
    If over-the-bath shower it is unusual for shower curtain to extend over tiled wall services. There may be LL liability for repair if you had notified LL initially. If you have paid the £113 to m man, then you can request him to provide an assessment of cause. (He who pays the piper calls the tune) then you may be able to recover cost from LL, due to short T duration.
    My repairman refuses to give Ts his contact number for precisly this reason,all call-outs have to be approved by LL


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