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    Tenants pulled out

    We have had tenants lined up for four weeks and they have signed the agreement
    and paid the deposit and are due to move in in two weeks. We have been informed
    today by our agent that they have pulled out as they have found another property
    which suits them for less rent! We have arranged to move, paid for insurance etc
    from the time they should of moved in and so are out of pocket through no fault on
    our part.
    What I want to know is are we entitled to all or some of the deposit? The agent has
    arranged for it to be help in a deposit protection scheme.

    Thanks in anticipation

    No tenancy has been created, just a contract to create a tenancy.

    So yes, you can pursue the tenant for breach of contract - ie whatever their breach has cost you - but you have to mitigate your loss, so it may require a court to decide what is fair.

    To be honest, you have a fortnight, a court may decide that it would not be impossible to find a replacement tenant in the fortnight available, so those losses may be zero. Hopefully, even if it takes 3 or 4 weeks, your losses will be minimal. Fingers Xed.


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