LL's estate agent have let themselves into my home without my knowledge...

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    LL's estate agent have let themselves into my home without my knowledge...


    I am in a situation that I need advice with:

    I am living in rented accommodation at the moment and the LL has put the block of flats up for sale as a development project to convert them into 2 houses.

    I have a problem where the LL's estate agent have let themselves into my home without my knowledge. This has happened on 2 seperate occasions that I am aware of - the first was back in November and I complained and They admitted that they had not issued notification or asked for consent and they said that they would not enter my flat without notifying me and getting my consent in the future. They said that they guarinteed this and that actions had been put in place to prevent a second occurance. But I noticed that someone had accessed the flat again for a second time was last week...

    I've written to complain to them again, but this time they said that they had sent an email (that I never received). They sent me a screenshot of the apparent email that they had sent, which said:
    "we have a survey request booked for tomorrow morning at 11am. the surveyor will require entry to every room. He will be given keys to all flats. The surveyor will be attending alone, therefore if you wish, kindly put away your valuables if you are obviously concerned. Thanking you in advance."

    This was apparently sent out at 14:42 the day before (according to the screenshot of the email).

    After doing some research from the first occasion back in November, I read online that the landlord, or anyone acting on behalf of the landlord, must give 24 hours notice and must have consent for access to be carried out unless it is an emergency

    According to this, that means that they have broken 3 rules:
    - 24 hours was not given as appropriate notice (although I didnt even receive the notice in the first place as I didnt get this email)
    - I did not give consent to the access (as I did not receive teh email and no other communication method was attempted by the estate agent - tehy have my mobile phone number).
    - Their email states that the surveyor would be attending on his own so to hide valuables!!!

    I have obviously asked them for an explanation as to why they did not follow the actions that had been put in place and to explain how they plan to prevent this from happening for a 3rd time, but to be honest, the trust that I had in them from their first guarintee has totally gone.

    So far they have not given me an appropriate answer or appologised...

    I'm interested in what legal actions are available to me (as a last resort) to be able to prevent them from accessing my flat without any notice or without my consent?
    I must say that I dont have a problem with them accessing the property as long as they confirm with me and give me appropriate notice, but I have a problem with them accessing my home without my knowledge and consent.

    I also dont have a problem with the LL or the LL's tenancy agency. My problem is with the estate agency who has been appointed by the landlord to sell the property.

    Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!


    as you are going to be out of a home anyway just change the locks very carefully and replace originals when you go - everyone will be upset with you but if the block sells you will be out shortly anyway! Thre is little else you can do as they clearly will not keep their promises.
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      Originally posted by Dan401 View Post
      I'm interested in what legal actions are available to me (as a last resort) to be able to prevent them from accessing my flat without any notice or without my consent?
      There is no need for any legal action. As islandgirl says, just change the lock (and replace the original at the end of the tenancy). With some locks, all you have to do is change the barrel, not the whole fitting. You may find a DIY video for your particular lock on YouTube.


        You should be contacting the landlord about this issue, as they are working under his instruction.
        Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


          This used to happen to me a lot when I was living in rented accommodation, particularly in the last month of the tenancy when agents were doing viewings.

          In my opinion you will have limited to no success trying to convince the agents to stick to the rules as they have no incentive for doing so.

          I used to change the locks for security reasons (single girl living on my own) then change them back to the original ones at the end of the tenancy.

          Doing so can in theory cause some friction with your landlord/ agents but they will first have to explain why they think the locks were changed. Perhaps the agents picked up the wrong key when they tried to access your property unauthorised and will they want to make an appointment for coming over?


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            Much like your tenants then

            It depends on your target market and the area you’re buying in. If you want to purchase in a city centre because that would suit your target market than generally means flats which are leasehold in England and Wales....
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            Hello all, I am a prospective landlord. I will be arranging my first mortgage in principle today as a start to my evil buy-to-let empire. As a total newb, what would be the one piece of advice you would give after your years of experience as a landlord?
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            by DoricPixie
            There is no defence against a correctly issued Section 21 so providing all the paper work is in order should this go to court your landlord will be granted a possession order. You can use the link below to find out if any Section 21 is valid.

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            Reading between the lines, you had a good deal with the last LL in return for not doing too much to the property and the new LL has bought the property with a view to making more money than the last LL. The new LL may well be planning to evict you, do the property up & relet at a higher rent and...
            22-01-2022, 08:04 AM
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            by Luke
            He may be abroad , maybe working abroad and unable to currently return to the U.K ?
            22-01-2022, 07:58 AM
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            Next door property is being rented out and had the roof redone. Mine got damaged in the process.
            I'd like to contact the landlord/owner of the property next door to let him know and get his roofers back but I don't have his contact details.
            He's British but lives abroad. The phone number...
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            I do think its tough that the cost of the NHS & Social Care is being shovelled onto the young, when those who are closer to needing care may pay nothing at all. The cost is huge and we need to spread it amongst as many people as possible.

            On the other hand if the Govt stopped wasting...
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            Rachel Reeves R4 this am told the interviewer that Labour (when in power) would raise money by taxing those with BTL property much more than at present, she opined it was wrong that “they” were “getting away with it”. No challenge from BBC or fact check as to present tax. You are warned.
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            (Minor point: I believe the rate will be 1.25%, not 1.5%.)

            My understanding is that there will be an equivalent rise in the tax rate for income from dividends, so shareholders will pay (and it will also avoid the tricks people who own their own companies use to masquerade income as dividends)....
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