Letting Agent will not return deposit due to mould

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    Letting Agent will not return deposit due to mould

    Had my inspection last week and now, the letting agent wont give me my deposit back as the say re-painting is required due to mould, which i complained about on numerous occassions.
    So now the letting agent wants £880 to carry out the repairs and is giving me 20 days from inspection, (last Monday) so i have 12 days, ive sent e-mails and as yet have had no response. Where do i stand legally on this? Can they do this?
    Who is the best people to goto for legal advice?

    Any help/advice would be appreciated, the letting company do have a history of this and plenty of bad press on the internet.


    I suspect your deposit is held by one of the 3 main holders so you could register a dispute over the charges with them. I don't know the size of the property but this does sound a lot. Ask agent to provide other quotes.

    Check out the many threads about mould on this site. It usually is caused by condensation and failure of the tenant to ventilate the premises properly made worse by drying damp clothes on radiators.

    The answer to condensation and mould would have been to buy a de-humidifier..

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