Tenant has done a runner and left house in a filthy state

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    Tenant has done a runner and left house in a filthy state

    Someone knocked our door the other day to ask if they could
    rent a certain property. I said sorry but it is already
    let. They said I do not think so, there was a van there
    over the weekend, emptying furniture.
    I went down, knocked, a neighbour verified he had seen no
    one since the weekend, so with someone else I entered the

    I was nearly sick. There was dog excrement in every room and a couple had been living there with two young children into their second AST.

    We knew nothing of the dogs being there which was not
    allowed under the AST.

    We have had to scrap every carpet, lounge, dining room,
    three bedrooms, landing and stairs.

    I can not believe how people could live in such a state. In my initial anger, I considered contacting the NSPCC and
    the RSPCA, but was persuaded not to.

    I have now almost tracked down the offending tenant, but
    what is my best course of action to try to serve him with a bill for the damage and work involved in replacing all the carpets and etc.?

    When our local post man heard what had happened, he told me we were the fourth local victims of this tenant and he would have warned me, if he had known the property was ours.



    1st thing is to end the tenancy legally to avoid EXTREMELY expensive legal actipn by tenant.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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