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    Advice after Bailiffs have been


    I had the bailiffs to day evict my tenants they as they had decided not to leave.

    Only one of the tenants was there and the bailiff ordered him to leave and asked the locksmith to change the locks. The bailiff told the tenant to make arrangements with me to collect their belongings by the weekend.

    Since then I have been getting numerous texts from the other tenant with requests to enter the property tonight for work things then when that did not work he said he needed medication !!!

    I have politely asked him to arrange a day this week so I could meet him with a police officer so he can collect all his belongings but he seems hell bent on being awkward.

    So please can anyone advise me on the correct procedure with regards to this situation and arrangements for tenants who have been legally evicted to collect their belongings thank you

    Tell the Tenant that tonight is not an option, However if he makes an appointment with you, you will meet at the property he may collect his belongings, State this will need to be done asap to avoid disposal of his goods also explain that should he force entry he may be committing an offence and he will be prosecuted.

    My advice would be to ask the Police attend the property to prevent a breach of the peace, make sure you give them plenty of notice.


      Thanks I have told him not tonight now he is texting saying he wants to come Tom to NOTE his stuff !!! What do I do legally with his belongings if it's not all collected this is all bloody annoying sorry for the swear word the tenants have a nerve to live in my house while I pay the mortgage and they pay no rent and then try to get me to feel sorry for them and let them back in every day to collect their stuff which is a lot of rubbish that I would not want anyway thanks all rant over
      Advice please


        It can be frustrating when this happens to people, Just keep a smile on your face and dont let them get to you.

        Has the Bailiff taken an inventory of goods?

        You give him 28 days (usually) to arrange collection after that dispose of it all or sell them to recover your rent. ( a notice of disposal should also be served upon the tenant). You are only required to give a reasonable period of notice.

        You can remove them and put them into storage but cannot withhold the goods from the tenant.


          Do not dispose of goods after 7 days - not sure vick is au fait with the law in this area.

          Vick, can you kindly point us to statue orvcase law that permits disposal after 7 days? News to me..
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            If 2nd occupant was listed as joint T on AST then he is part of the legal T entity or occupiers evicted by the Bailiffs, whether present or not. He has no right to re-entry. Emergency medication can be obtained from any Chemist with phone call by chemist to GP.
            Suggest LL arranges time/date when personal belongings can be collected from exterior of building, otherwise punitive storage charges will apply until LL can legally dispose of goods.


              Don't tell the tenant a timeframe that you will dispose of the goods.
              Tell him that it needs to be collected asap, otherwise they will be taken to the local tip.

              If you tell him a time, you can guarantee they will leave it until the 11th hour.
              Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


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