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    We have a house available for rent a company has shown interest in it. Can anyone advise if it is a good or bad idea to let to a company that will use it to house employees working in the area.

    I can only give a reasonably short answer......!

    This is a difficult Q to answer as it has both advantages and disadvantages, but.......
    1. You can't use an AST for a company let, it is a tenancy at common law.
    2. A common law tenancy is what has been agreed between the two parties and is not bound to be written in plain English and does not come under the scrutiny of the unfair contract terms.
    3. You won't be able to use the Section 21 Notice of Possession route, where you are guaranteed to regain possession of the property.
    4. You have little or no control over the occupants of the property.
    5. You have no protection from the Housing Act 1988, but neither does the tenant or occupants.
    6. You will normally find that the rent can be guaranteed by the company, but if it is limited you need to do a company search, and you might want to get an individual director or two to guarantee the rent and dilapidations instead!
    7. There is no limit on the amount of deposit you can retain.
    8. You need to make sure your tenancy agreement is watertight and you will need a specilist solicitor to do this (Don't use your local retained firm unless they have considerable experience in this field - unfortunately they often tell you they have this but when you want your property back, they make a simple error when drafting it and just say "sorry").

    There's lots more to consider and I'm sure more posters can add to my list.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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    • Reply to Loft conversion building regs
      by Hudson01
      I would not walk away.... i would run away ! Not a hope would i buy a property where there was zero building regs on something that should of had them, as said.... what other bodge jobs have been done. Not a chance.
      27-10-2021, 09:28 AM
    • Loft conversion building regs
      by Handy21
      Hi guys this might have already been covered before but I’m currently purchasing a 3 bed house and near completion our solicitor has managed to find out they don’t have building regs for the 3rd bedroom (loft conversion). My question is can I let this as a 3 bedroom or is it legally only a 2 bedroom,...
      27-10-2021, 07:16 AM
    • Reply to Increasing rent
      by jpkeates

      They won't agree the increase, so it's more of a point being made....
      27-10-2021, 09:27 AM
    • Increasing rent
      by Berlingogirl
      Tenancy start date May 2020 in England. 6 month initial AST.
      My tenancy agreement says
      “The landlord may increase the rent after the first 52 weeks of the tenancy…..”
      Is there a specific form I should use?...
      26-10-2021, 13:33 PM
    • Reply to Increasing rent
      by Berlingogirl
      Thanks again. I think I’ll have to just write to them informing them of the increase. They’re under s21 and s8 for rent arrears. They decided to deduct from the rent , the cost of a repair bill to which I did not agree....
      27-10-2021, 09:24 AM
    • Reply to Loft conversion building regs
      by jpkeates
      Unless the seller did their own conversion, any builder would have been aware of building regulation requirements, and so the seller would have been aware of the issue.
      I'd guess that they either very naively thought no one would notice (unlikely) or hoped you'd be so far into the process that...
      27-10-2021, 09:15 AM
    • Reply to Loft conversion building regs
      by Handy21
      Yes I was thinking they’ve left it so late on in the process in the hopes that when I found out I’d not bother backing out, the estate agents are trying to convince me that it would be fine to let out as a 3 bedroom but I have contacted other letting agents that have said it wouldn’t be allowed...
      27-10-2021, 09:03 AM
    • Reply to Loft conversion building regs
      by jpkeates
      Unless this place is unbelievably great otherwise, I wouldn't go ahead.
      The seller should have sorted that out, or at very least brought it to your attention at the start of the process.

      And what else haven't they told you?...
      27-10-2021, 08:19 AM
    • Reply to section 21
      by jpkeates
      Section 8 notices don't expire, but some of the grounds are implicitly time based,
      For example, you might find it tricky now getting possession for anti-social behaviour in January 2021.
      27-10-2021, 08:15 AM
    • section 21
      by lavy
      Hi How long is a section 8 valid for before i have to serve a new one . I served a section 8 on 1st January 2021 . can i now issue court application for possesion or has this expired and do i need to now issue a section 8 notice again due to the time that has lapsed . Thanks for any confirmations on...
      27-10-2021, 07:53 AM