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  • Stopcocks Problem! Please help

    We own and are landlords for a tenanted flat in a block where the hot water is communual, i.e. one boiler serving three flats. (with a whopping £200 per month service charge effectively just for the privilege)

    The hot & cold services should be 'turnoffable' via two stopcocks, which don't work through age, meaning in an emergency we can't shut off the hot or cold water as only the agents have access to the mains & h/w supplies .

    Therefore we would need the hot & cold water to the block turned off briefly while the stopcocks were replaced, however the plumber who works for the managing agent says he will not do private work (i.e. fit them) but he will turn the water off.

    SO: I have to try and combine two plumbers in exactly the same place at one time to do a relatively simple job, if I can ever get them syncronized.

    I THINK: the water supply is the managing agents responsibilty right upto and including the stopcocks, with anything inside that being our problem

    Do you agree?

    What do you think I should do?

    Any comments gratefully received

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    You only need one plumber to isolate the water to your flat, in that get your own plumber to use freeze-it spray. This enables the hot and cold water supplies to be frozen at a suitable point in your flat and a stop tap (cold) and a gate valve (hot) to be fitted, giving you the facility to isolate the water to your flat without having to turn anybody elses water off.


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      Thanks for the reply,

      That is what we thought but the hot supply is too hot & the cold is too strong to be frozen so we really do need the supplies turned off



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        to be honest the best way is to say you have a small leak then turn the water of in the street (first letting the residents know)leave the taps on full should stop after 10 min even the hot, replace valves,and refill any problems filling the hot call a plumber but you have lost nothing as you were going to call one anyway


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          ONLY DO THE ABOVE MENTIONED IN CASE OF EXTREME EMERGENCY AND WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE. To turn the water off on the street and then run taps will deprive the boiler of water and if the heater happens to be on at the time it runs dry, it can cause a boiler EXPLOSION!!!!!


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            good point,have to agree shut off communual boiler first


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