Gas or Electric fire?

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    Gas or Electric fire?

    Morning all,

    I'm planning to replace an electric fire on a rented property and was wondering if others would look to replace with another electric or use the opportunity to replace with a gas fire?

    The gas run is only a metre of so from the location and the property used to have a back boiler there so assume the flue is in useable condition.

    All views welcome... LL and T's alike?

    You'd have to get an expert opinion on the fireplace/flue as they are pretty strict on installation regs. You may need an external vent through the wall too. Obviously it would then need an annual gas safety cert and would recommend an annual service too, but being cheaper than electric, will make your tenant's happy!

    However, get good advice on the outputs of the gas fire, as in a previous house we went for a natural living flame one, and it gave a useless output - nowhere near what the saleman recommended. We complained and had it replaced by a far larger one, which was so much better.

    Is it the only source of heating in that room?


      Depends entirely on what it's needed for. If it's the only source of heating then gas is probably a good idea; but if you've got effective central heating and this is just a 'boost' or for appearance's sake, then electric is probably preferable.

      Gas is much more expensive to install and maintain (annual service / certificate) (landlord's costs); whereas electric is more expensibe to run (tenant's cost).



        The house has a decent central heating system so it's just a boost.

        Be interested to hear if Tenants put a decent value on gas over electric...


          Electric every time:

          Cheaper, cleaner, less likely to kill tenants to the embarrassment of LL
          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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