7 days to return check out inspection or forfeit deposit?

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  • Brb
    Sounds like a ploy to pressure T into accepting deductions under the fear of losing the rest!

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  • jjlandlord
    This is utter and complete rubbish.
    You are not required to sign the check out inventory, even less return it within 7 days.

    The requirement is for the landlord to either return your deposit promptly in full or to propose deductions, which he must be able to justify.

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  • 7 days to return check out inspection or forfeit deposit?


    I've recently moved out of a property and I completed a checking out list. I'm losing about £20 of my deposit which is fair and I agree with the inventory and schedule of condition. I'm about to sign and return it but I noticed this clause at the bottom:

    'Please note that due to goverment legislation your deposit will not be returned unless this inventory is checked, signed and returned to us within 7 days of receipt.'

    Now this isn't a problem this time as I've got 5 days from the date of the letter still and I can return it recorded tomorrow. However I was wondering, does this hold true with all deposits? is there that tight a deadline for you to return your check out deadline and if so do the normal postal rules apply (served 2 days after sent by first class post)?

    It just seems open to abuse to me.

    Thanks all.

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