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    All I want now is to find another place as soon as possible and leave. I've told the landlord that, and I'll continue paying rent for as long as it takes me to find somewhere - which I hope won't take long! I suspect he'll continue to pursue S.21, which he's perfectly within his rights to do, but if I haven't found somewhere else by then he'll have to follow the possession process. I don't particularly want it to come to that, of course.

    Contrary to what he may think (and maybe contrary to the general consensus on here?) I'm not really a bad tenant. The rent has always been paid, I've not damaged the property, and I don't disturb the other tenants. There's a lot worse than me out there. I'm not trying to be vindictive, I just object to him trying to get me out when he hasn't followed the correct legal process.


      A phone call out of the blue last night from the landlord - calm, rational, and looking to settle things amicably!

      He said he'd received my rent payment as expected and thanked me for that, suggested that perhaps things had gotten rather out of hand and silly on both sides, apologised, and said he was willing to draw a line under things and let bygones be bygones. He said I'd been a good tenant, that he felt he'd been a good landlord, and that whilst it was my choice if I wanted to move out, he was willing to continue the tenancy as it was.

      To say I was stunned would be an understatement! I have absolutely no idea what caused the sudden and dramatic change in tune after the last 4 weeks of drama, but I've accepted the olive branch, and the offer to continue the tenancy. What a turnaround!


        How interesting.

        Someone who a month or so ago wanted to sell the property is now happy for the tenancy to continue? I would guess he has a buy-to-let prospective purchaser.

        If you want to stay, why don't you see how serious he is and request a new 12 month agreement to cement the deal. After all, if he wants you to stay that should be attractive to him.


          I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


            The property isn't for sale (he owns all 10 apartments in the complex and rents them all out), he just wanted me out after we'd argued. I'm wondering instead if a potential new tenant fell through, though it wasn't advertised with his normal letting agency, so who knows? I considered asking for a new agreement but I don't want to be tied into a fixed term - I would rather have the flexibility of a periodic tenancy just in case things turn sour again.


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