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    Section 8 & Section 21 Timescale


    i would like to ask a general question to everyone that has issued a S8 or S21 notice, obviously everyones situation is different and so i imagine the timescales will vary depending upon the grounds/court and mishaps along the way.

    If you could let me know the date you started court proceedings (N5 + N119), the date you got for the hearing, the date the judge gave you for the order, the date you applied for a warrant of eviction and date the tenant left your property.

    oh and if you could state whether you used PCOL or paper route


    Court dates vary from town to town.

    However, if you call your local court and speak to the person who deals with hearings, they will be able to give you an idea of the time between submission and hearing.

    At the hearing, the judge usually gives 14 days (it can be longer).

    You apply for bailiffs as soon as that date is passed - so if you call the court before 8:30am and speak to the bailiffs, thay can give you an idea of their timescales.

    With regard to PCOL it is the same infrastructure, so the timings will be similar. The only difference is you get told your hearing date when you submit your claim.


      thanks will do that too!




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