property management representative problems (With me being the tennant)

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    property management representative problems (With me being the tennant)

    As you may or may not know from my previous post (in the health/safety section ) Been having some problems with my new place we are renting.
    My problem is every time I speak to the property management person he is rude,derogatory and makes out that I am exagerating.
    The house I am renting is in short ... a death trap. There have been so many problems since I moved in (25 days ago) it is unreal.
    Today the structural engineer came out to assess the damage caused by the previous owner:
    Engineer stresses that the doorway from kitchen to utility room needs immediate support.
    Ring Property management company to be told that "is it really that urgent? its not like its fallen down yet?" explaining our case and how we feel etc seems to be useless as we are left feeling unbelieved and unlistened to.
    We have also had the carpet fitter out today to relay the carpet that the electricians pulled up to do the re-wire. Carpet fitter apparantly couldnt find the underlay, layed the carpet on bare boards (the carpet now doesnt reach the walls?" When relaying this to the property managment person he rudely tells me ... do you not know that carpets stretch!!
    Now If this was my house and I was paying for this work I would not be happy with the carpet being left how it has. I would not like my tennants to be treated in this manner.
    Can anyone advise who would be my best point of call to complain to. I can supply pictures of Damage etc and all the problems we are having.
    Could just really do with some advice as I am loosing the will to live, not being well and suffering from depression which I have pointed out to the property managment team, this is really not helping me health wise.
    Any advice on this or my other issue would be great!
    Thanks for reading

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