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    Nasty Landlord?

    I know that most of you are landlords, but maybe you could help a tenant as well
    We moved into the property in March 2008, paid deposit on the day we moved in and since than every single rent was paid in full on time. The contract was renewed yearly. Now we want to move out, as the landlord has started being difficult with everything.
    I think the LL will not be keen on returning the deposit, eventhough we looked after the place really well.
    The LL also owes us some money for fixing dishwasher. There was a dishwasher when we moved in but wasn't working properly, so they replaced it with a second-hand one, that broke not long later (drain was blocked by part of a basket). We paid for a repair but I belive they should pay this bill.
    What should I do to get my money back? There was no inventory done when we were moving in, the deposit is not registered - I checked all 3 schemes. Any suggestions?

    Tenants are very welcome on this site.

    I presume you plan on leaving in March 2012? In which case you have just enough time to get the deposit protected - there is a letter on this page that may do the trick.
    It would be sensible to read the notes at the bottom of the letter for your own background knowledge.

    Depending on your landlords response, you have 2 choices - though only the second is legitimate.

    1) Do not pay Februarys rent. On departure you will still owe 1 months rent, the landlord will owe you the deposit (presumably the same amount) so everything will be even.

    2) If landlord refuses to refund your deposit you would need to write him a letter saying what you want, why, and what will happen if he doesn't comply (ie county court action). Then commence a claim at


      Plenty of large companies do not pay a payment they are due to make if the other party owes them money for something else. It's good, practical advice frequently given by their legal advisors as by handing over money and then only being able to threaten a costly and time consuming court procedure you give up any strength in your negotiating position. Not paying the last month's rent will destroy any chances of getting a good reference should you need it for the future though.

      The above represents my own opinion, derived from personal knowledge and should not be relied upon as definitive or accurate advice. It is offered free of charge and may contain errors or omissions or be an inaccurate opinion of the law. I accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on the above.


        I have already paid the rent as they were threatening me that they will kick me out immediately. I know that they cannot do this, but I have 2 little children and I am on my own (just with them) for most of the day. I am not prepared to argue with LL having 2 little ones looking at this.
        I am leaving middle of March, so in the worst case scenario I will not pay for March. If I take them to court will that matter? That I didn't pay some rent?
        Also, how can I prove that we all the 'damages' were here when we moved in? If there is no inventory so I assume the LL can say anything not to return our deposit?
        And last thing - any idea how can I force them to pay my expenses (dish washer repair?)? Do I need to go to court?


          As far as I know is not allowed to take a deposit and not put the money in one of the schemes. They should notify you of which scheme is being used within a certain time frame. You are entitled to 3x deposit if it is not in one of the schemes. I would suggest going to Citizens advice bureau. Is there still one in your area.


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