invoice dispute for unauthorised works

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    invoice dispute for unauthorised works

    hi there.

    I am in dispute with my ex management company over a bill for works carried out on my property which I was neither informed about nor gave authorisation.

    We had a soured relationship after they put a new tenant in and offered a reduced rent. 2 months after i found out i kicked up a stick and they reduced their management to 0%. worked for me.

    I then received an invoice in Nov which apparently they had tried to send me in Sept, but my email rejected. this has never happened so i don't think the sent it. the invoice was dated Sept for works carried out in Jul/Aug.

    The only part of the £500 i authorised and new about was hallway painting for £110. the rest is for some repairs not mentioned on the inventory and decking painting, replacement smoke alarms etc.

    I immediately disputed the invoice officially stating my concerns and eventually offered to pay half the costs for the hall painting and half the costs for some of the repairs as the were supposedly needed, however by not being giving the chance to sort them myself tradesman did the work at greater expense. I didn't see why i used have to pay labour. the £300 to paint my decking i refused.

    I also stated that whilst we were disputing this invoice i expected my rent to be paid as normal and no monies to be deducted from my rent.

    he proceeded to ignore this and deducted £200. this included some of my proposals and all the labour charges. i couldn't stop him as he received the rent first.

    now after 2 months he is planing on chasing for the rest of the monies legally. I don't see why I should pay. he may well call it quits as he has now ended his management and it's probably not worth chasing.

    I have also asked on 3 occasions for the contract agreement between me and him to see if he is allowed to instruct unnecessary repairs and subsequently deduct them without permissions. None of the repairs were urgent or dangerous, all cosmetic and overpriced. his tradesman is a family member


    anyway he decided to deduct

    May I ask why you don't have a copy of the contract?

    If he does sue you, you will be able to explain your situation to the judge and see what he says - if the contract gave authorisation for these works then obviously the judge will find in your ex agents favour.

    Obviously, as you believe these works were un-authorised, you would counterclaim for the monies that the agent has kept from you.

    If the agent intends to rely on the contract in court he will have to provide you and the court with a copy at least 14 days before the hearing.


      the contract was signed was signed 2 1/2 yrs ago. he has it at his 'file store'. I have requested it but it hasn't appeared yet.

      If it turns out I have to of course then the remaining will have to be paid. He has all but agreed that some of the works were never requested nor agreed. just happens to the monies he already has.

      He has just ended his management with me due to other problems from his part and funnily enough there are two other previous landlords that i know of that has had a similar situation.

      I think that because he has a relationship with his tradesman (family) he goes looking for work to create jobs.

      Im pretty sure the contract doesn't give concrete authorisation or he would have provided it by now.


        Most agency agreements give the agent permission to spend up to £xx without consulting you. The idea being that you employ an agency to take the day-to-day hassle of letting from you - but if they phoned up every time a tap needed fixing or a gutter needed clearing then you may as well be running it yourself.


          You signed the contract two and a half years ago. You needed to keep a copy of the contract so you knew what each party's obligations were, and still are.

          You still have some kind of conctractual relationship with the agents, by the sound of it. Letting is a business, and you need to keep paperwork in order.

          When you say 0%, do you have any documentary evidence of that? Do the agents collect rent?


            my contractual relationship ended on 31st january. he ended it after all the problems. I'm sure it was because he wasn't making any money. He was collecting the rent and processing eberything without charging any management fee. it was documented on email and confirmed by myself that 'i was happy with it'.

            i have everything with regards to all paperwork except for the actual contract between me and the management company. i'm almost positive that it will go against him in respect of he shoudl have been getting all works (expect emergencies) authorised


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