Can the landlord knocking at tenants door to do requests?

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    Can the landlord knocking at tenants door to do requests?

    In a situation of renting a sitting room in a house share can the landlord knock at a tenant's door to do requests what he should or shouldn't do in his own room? Do verbals requests have any valour or only writen requests? If he inspects the room without the tenants permission what can the tenant do? And can he came and visit the sharing spaces anytime as he is tanking away the tenans right for privacy?

    Tank you

    I am assuming English isn't your first language so have made some assumptions as to what you're asking and will try and keep things simple.

    If you have rented a room within a house - you have your onwn tenancy agreement for one room and the other occupiers have individual agreements too - then the Landlord cannot enter your room without your persmission. However they can enter the common or shared parts without notice.

    As for making 'requests' well that all depends what the requests are for. If you are being a nuisance to the other occupiers then yes knocking on your door to discuss things is reasonable.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

    If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

    Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


      Does the landlord live in the same building?? If so you will probably be a lodger rather than a tenant and different rules may apply..

      Do you have a written agreement?? If so what does it say about Landlord access into your room??
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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