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  • Rip off Energy supplyer!

    Have 3 one bedroom flats, past vacating tenants have been with British Gas or Npower and the odd few units of gas and electic between new tenants, they havn't bothered to invoice. Last tenant to move out was with EDF,they have invoiced me for 3 units of electric and 1 of gas for £18:65 most of it for standing charges! I have phoned them to tell them the flat is being refurbed and want moving off the fixed tariff but no, they say they can't remove the fixed tariff. have changed to Npower but this takes 28 days. EDF say they are supplying under a 'Deemed contract scheme' which Ofgem say is a grey area.Anyone else been screwed by Energy suppiers?

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    If the flats are currently empty & being re-furbed, then contractors will be using some energy.
    No-one likes being 'ripped off' but £18.65 left by any T is minimal IMO
    (suggests you did not take meter readings or notify power co's of change in Ts.)
    EDF will not allow you to change supplier until debt is paid.
    Finish re-furb, take move in meter reading (or top up the card to £0)
    and pay the bill, otherwise you are passing problem to new Ts (not very LL-like)


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