whos responasable for this problem and is there any legal gubbins i can do

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  • westminster
    The tenant is responsible for sorting out any problem he has with the fuel supplier, not the landlord.

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  • bbva
    It is up to the gas board to fix the problem. Insist they come out and don't leave till everything works.

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  • whos responasable for this problem and is there any legal gubbins i can do

    hi all my gf and her mate rent a 2 bedroom house but have been having a few probs with the gas/card reader just after some advice on this and were they stand all advice will be good.its a tenancy agreement.

    the gas card wouldnt top up - I asked the estate agent what to do and he said i should ring the gas board

    rung the gas board and they said get a new card

    so we did but it still didnt work

    so went to estate agent and he rung the plumber to ask what to do
    plumber said ring gas board so estate agent was good and got the gas man out that same day to fix our box (but that was 1 week after the prob started)

    gas man said we would need new card

    so we got new card and same thing is happening again

    so I rung estate agent to say what do we do!?

    spoke to his son and he said that they couldnt do anything so to ring the gas board and he said it might be worth asking the gas board to change to pay as you go to a meter
    (Im sure its not my job to do that)

    I said ben and i work silly hours and struggle to get in contact and he said there isnt anything we can do

    many thanx dave

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