Tenants in rent arrears- but fully refitted my kitchen

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    Tenants in rent arrears- but fully refitted my kitchen

    Having served section 21 notice on my tenants with expiry after 17 th Feb, I'm wondering what to do about unpaid rent.

    On Monday they will be nearly two months ( 550 due and 450 from last month as they paid £100 "goodwill") and I've added a £20 fixed fee cos it's in the periodic agreement that I can.

    I wrote to them on 13th Dec ( hand delivered) and asked them to advise when they would pay their arrears and have had no response.

    To be honest I don't expect to get rent now but should I threaten them with court action now.

    The thing that amazes me is that sometime in Dec 2005/ Jan 2006 they completely refitted the kitchen-- yes thats right , completely refitted it. New units, new built in electric cooker and gas hob. I asked them how much theyd paid and they said about 6 grand. I didn't give written permission but to be honest they had asked if they could fit a dishwasher and I said only if it was professionally done as I didnt want any units damaging. The result- a new kitchen which now belongs to me( on the basis of there was a fitted kitchen before hand- the only extra is the dishwasher)

    My worry now is that when they do eventually leave they rip the kitchen out- is there any way I can prevent this

    Also, where do I stand with regards making an inspection. Can i give them a reasonable notice and then go in even if they refuse me as i think they will ( I was threatened with harrassment when I went round to ask for the rent arrears) ( I do have keys) I want to get photos and prepare for the worst.

    To be honest they have been in two years and have looked after the place but it has been a hassle all the last year getting rent in on time although it has been paid. This has been more by luck though because they started getting housing benefit a year ago and the payments came direct to me until about July when they stopped. They have paid cash until November when they have obviously run out of money. If they hadnt been so rude then they might have gotten some more time but rude they were. They forget whos house it. Me and my lass aren't rich, we're just trying to invest a bit for the future and so we had to serve notice even though its Xmas

    Any advice much appreciated

    I would be worried that the kitchen is paid for on credit; could it be removed by the creditor? You are probably not the only one they owe money to.

    I dont think it's wise to let the kitchen cloud your judgement for being soft on them. It will be a nice bonus if it stays. Plan for the worst!

    You could make it clear to them in a letter that you know they have fitted a new kitchen without your permission( probably a breach of your agreement); that you expect the kitchen to remain or that the old kitchen should be re-instated as it was.
    They certainly could not legally rip out the kitchen without making it good; but unless you have done a good inventory and schedule of condition before they moved in, it might be hard to prove the standard of installation in court.
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