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    New to being a landlord

    Hi I am in the process of buying a 2 bed ex local authority flat in the town centre. Can you advise me if it is better to let it furnished or unfurnished. This is my first buy to let so any advice to a complete novice would be greatly appreciated.


    heating advice

    Hi I am new to being a landlord. I am buying an ex local authority two bed flat but whilst refubishing I want to change the very old storage heating system. As I don't want any new tenants to leave because of the expensive heating, can anybody tell me which electric heating system or storage heaters are the most efficient?



      If it was only one bedroom then you might find furnished accommodation to have a higher demand; two or three bedrooms is probably best let unfurnished. Ask local letting agents for guidance, you don't have to use any of them. Also the town centre of......where?
      The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


        Put all your question on one thread please.
        The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


          Town centre of Wigan, lancashire


            It very much depends on what type of tenant you are looking for.

            Young people tend not to have much in the way of furniture, so would want furnished. However, young people (especially on benefits) tend not to have much money, so that won't want to pay the inflated price that would be necessary if you furnished it with the finest of everything.

            Families tend to have built up 'their' furniture and so want unfurnished.

            However, a one bed in the town centre is obviously not 'family' material, but maybe 'young professional'? In which case they may be looking for somewhere furnished to a nicer level - though would they be looking at 'ex local authority' in the first place?

            If you rent furnished - what standard of furnishings do you propose to install in a place that will generate around £300 per month?


              If you furnish, you need to ensure it is all up to current fire regs, and probably ensure your insurance covers it. You will also need to maintain the standard of it and possibly replace/refresh between tenants to ensure the quality remains good, however you can claim the "wear and tear" allowance to help toward this. Also, furnished properties do not quality for council tax exemption when empty between tenants.

              If you do not furnish, tenant is responsible for their own contents, repairs etc, and you can get up to 6 months CT free if property is empty.

              I have always let unfurnished (1 bed flat in town centre), and never had a problem finding tenants. When I started 11 years ago, agent I spoke to for advice suggested there is little difference in rent tariff whether furnished or not.

              Remember to ensure a comprehensive inventory of everything you do supply is completed at the start and end of tenancy, to ensure any tenant damage can be legitimately claimed from their deposit.

              There is a very helpful post here:


              which you might find useful as a newbie LL. Good Luck!


                Whilst furnished/unfurnished is a reasonable question, you also say you are a newbie B2L. You need to research your local market and fully understand a LLs legal resps & liabilities before ever buying a B2L. From day 1, you are a fully-functioning LL and will be up against experienced Ts who know their rights and how top play the game. Letting a property is a bit like running a bath with no plug, money comes in and can exit just as quick or the T may turn the tap off.
                If you are ready,. good luck.



                  Do you know if the councils have lists of people wanting accommodation whereby the rent is paid direct to the landlord?


                    Originally posted by Mosey View Post
                    Do you know if the councils have lists of people wanting accommodation whereby the rent is paid direct to the landlord?
                    Not to my knowledge, there's usually far too many...

                    Advertising on Rightmove (eg via Upad..) you can say if you're happy with HB/LHA benefit tenants..

                    btw getting HB/LHA paid direct to LL is tricky and should not be relied upon,...

                    I'd advise trying to find a working, tenant-referenceable, tenant first, ideally with a guarantor..

                    re Furnished/unfurnished you could do what I've done 3 times now: Advertise it as "from £xxx/month unfurnished, furnished available after negotiation with Landlord".. I've done that and twice found people wanting furnished, upped the rent a bit (?£40/month??) and then off to IKEA (or get them to deliver) everything you need. £1000 should get most of what you need for 2-bed.. (Do the sums, 12x£40=£480, paid for in just over 2 years...). That way your letting is of interest to more punters.

                    And yes, fire-regs compliant: I only ever use new furniture (then I have evidence of what was there, receipts etc.. if there ever was a fire...)

                    Good luck!! We all started somewhere like you are doing....

                    PS Join NLA or RLA & do one of there "How to be a LL" courses... it'll save you money!!
                    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                      With regard to benefit claimant tenants, that suggests that your property is at the lower end of the market. Nothing wrong with that, the maket needs all levels, not all tenants can afford mansions. However, the reality is that you are probably looking at young families who may appreciate a basic level of furnishing. Nothing too expensive (because if they break it your chances of recovery will be limited) and there is no 'definition' of furnished so it can be pretty basic. Maybe take a look at the companies that do landlord furniture deals - Loft Interiors advertise on here with others. See what they include in a 'basic' package and see how much the same would cost at Ikea or Argos.

                      With regard to claimants - may I offer these observations:

                      I am not recommending them, but just over £1k inc vat buys:
                      2 x 2 Seat Faux Leather Sofas
                      1 x Coffee Table
                      1 x Dining Set
                      2 x 4ft 6” Quilted Divan Beds
                      2 x Wood grain Bedroom Sets (Wardrobe, bedside, drawers)

                      Which seems quite reasonable.


                        thanks for all your advice

                        Thanks for all your advice it is greatly appreciated.



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