my estate agent made me cry!!

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    my estate agent made me cry!!

    hello everyone, I am an oversea students studying in London, I have rented a flat from ** £400 per week, my flat is on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor(top floor). around april this months, there was a crack on the roof and the rain started to leak to my room, nobody responed to me until June, by that time, the rain has leaked through the carpet in my room and developed a disguisting stain on the ceiling of my living room(situated on the 2nd floor). someone came to fix it, it all seems to be fine(after 2 months while i was paying the full rent), i left to my home country for 3 months for the summer holiday.

    when i came back, the flat smells because the windows were closed and it was leaking AGAIN!!! I have been calling ***** since August, becase i had signed 24 sheets of direct debit(2 year contract), so they were taking the full rent every month from my card without addressing the problem! I have been calling them twice a day for 2 months, the man was very rude, he always say to me "i will call you back tomorrow" without me even finsh my sentence!! finally someone came again to fix the roof, it didn't leak for 2 weeks, and now it is leaking again!!! I said to ***** management that i am not going to pay for the rent that was due on 25-11-06 until the roof is fixed, because of this, my dad did not put money in my credit card, with no e-mail, no response whatsoever, on this wednessday, the same day when my dad deposit some money in my card, foxtons took the money.

    I was furious, and called up again, i was agry so my voice was loud, the guy managing my property asked me to lower my voice, i replied " i am sorry but i am so angry and i was born with a big voice" he told me to try to whisper!!!!!!!!!!! and later he told me i had resiponsibility to pay the rent and i said yes, but i did not rent the flat with the f***ing leaking roof! I was clearely very upset and he just hanged up on me!! and didn't pick up when i call him back.

    I cried for 2 hours alone in my flat, just all the stress i had with the roof and the desrespect i had from my estate agent, i have been paying over £1700 for this flat every month,and I am living in a flat when there was rain outside and i have shower in the room for the past 6 months!! i am alone here, all the people i know are oversea student, i don't know what to do!! is there anyway i can terminate the contract?( my contract is suppose to finish at the end of july). or get a rent reduction?

    As I see it, you are entitled to arrange for the work to be done, and then deduct the cost of the work from any rent that is due. This is a very brief summary, others may be able to add other suggestions for you.


      You may find this useful:, to do with repairs


      "If the landlord has breached your agreement by not attending to his duty, or deliberately or negligently misleading you, then you are probably not liable to continue with the tenancy to the end of the fixed period. It would certainly be worth considering witholding further rent payment until the ceiling is fixed. If you feel that the condition is intolerable, you would be justified to make other arrangements, if you can.And you should be able to claim back deposit and unused rent, but you may have to go to court to do it. At last! A decent bit of advice! The tenancy is frustrated therefore tenant can leave at anytime without liability. I would suggest they pay no more rent and then leave when the deposit has covered this period" An excerpt from the post on
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        If this is a large House in Multiple Occupation it would be rash to suggest that the recurrent leaking here should and could be fixed by a tenant or tenant's contractor.

        To ensure a proper repair the roof may need reslating or retiling.

        Suggest bonnie contact the Environmental Health Department of her local Council and makes a complaint there and seeks further advice.

        I note the substantial amount of money you are paying in rent and the landlord is in breach of contract in that he has not provided you with a property that he is maintaining in a fit standard for habitation. I suggest you have a free legal help interview with a solicitor advertising on this forum (who are experts on housing law) and at least get a letter to your landlord from the solicitor to agree the terms for ending your contract.

        You could seek help from Shelter or the Citizens Advice Bureau but this may take longer to sort out.

        Keep a record of the dates, duration and severity of the rain penetration and the action you had to take to clean up etc (did you need to collect the water in buckets or bowls?) Photographs would also be useful.
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