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    Originally posted by marsaday View Post
    Ok, this is what i intend to do. Can you just confirm my dates will be ok.

    I will post the sec 21 tomorrow with a witness.
    1) Post the notice first class and get a free certificate of posting. 2) Deliver a duplicate notice by hand, through the T's letterbox, with a witness present. Keep a copy of the notice.

    The eviction 2 mth period will start from next wed 1st feb and will finish on tuesday 3rd April (this will be 2 days over the 2 mth period).
    Note that you do not put a 'start' date for the notice period, only an expiry date. The notice period begins when the notice is served, and you obtain evidence of the date of service - i.e. the certificate of posting, and the witness to hand delivery.

    If you deliver by hand tomorrow, the notice will be served that same day.


      Originally posted by marsaday View Post
      ok, so if i serve it tomorrow, this means he has 2 mths from the 26th jan.
      Posting is not the same as serving. If you post the notice it will be served when the postman delivers it. With first class it's reasonably safe to assume it'll get there within a couple of days.

      If you deliver by hand, the notice will be served that same day (though best to avoid Sundays and Bank Holidays).

      ps, are there any complications if this is a joint tenancy ? It is a single tenancy with two named parties on it. I intend to name both on the eviction notice
      You serve notice on 'the Tenant'. In the case of a joint tenancy, both/all joint tenants together comprise 'the Tenant'. So, yes, you name both of them on the s.21 notice.

      And note, it is not an 'eviction notice'. A s.21 notice is not a notice to quit, does not end the tenancy at notice expiry, nor oblige the T to vacate. It merely entitles you to apply for a possession order after the notice expires.


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        You have rights under consumer law if there were things that would have led you (or any reasonable person) to make a different purchasing decision that you were not advised of.
        It's called a misleading omission.
        The legislation that covers it is Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations...
        07-07-2022, 13:52 PM
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        1. Upon moving in I noticed that there is no way to turn off the radiator, as
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      • Reply to Choosing tenants
        by ash72
        Based on the information, I would pick the one with the highest salary, as they will be able to afford the property and the costs of running the property. If you haven't already I would ask them why they are leaving the property they are currently renting - this provides good insight.

        07-07-2022, 13:51 PM
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        Hi all,
        I advertised my flat on OpenRent (for the first time) and received 90 viewing requests in a few days (I have removed the advert now).
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        by jpkeates
        Not unless there's a right of offset in the tenancy agreement.
        There's no general right to offset in English law.

        In reality, if the landlord did sell the belongings and claim the proceeds were to recover the cost of disposal (which the bailee is entitled to do), the tenant would...
        07-07-2022, 13:45 PM
      • Evicted and left a few bits
        by betsy2040
        I been evicted today and I’ve left a few bits of stuff ,

        marble table and dining chairs , mattress 2 sofas ect ect boxes of stuff , curtains , few boxes of clothes and shoes , and sideboards and all my garden stuff

        How long have I got to remove all this?...
        06-07-2022, 18:56 PM
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        by jpkeates
        Magna Carta doesn't apply to us common people.

        Your right to private property is in the Human Rights Act, though.
        And, ironically, our best protection is likely to be the amount of property that is owned by non-UK citizens, particularly companies.
        07-07-2022, 13:42 PM
      • Renters reform bill
        by flyingfreehold
        i have just read an interesting summary of all that is proposed in the EG (Estates Gazette). As drafted it effectively brings back a form of rent control as tenants will have the right to go to First Tier Tribunal to challenge any rent increases which must be proposed by section 13 notices.
        04-07-2022, 16:29 PM
      • Reply to Choosing tenants
        by AndrewDod
        Can't see any problem with asking for bank statements and landlord references from all of them right now. Also visit them in their current homes if possible. Don't be unfair and lead them on however - explain clearly that they are one of three possible candidates out of 90. Ask for copies of their current...
        07-07-2022, 13:42 PM
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        by AndrewDod
        It depends. I have been picking people who I know (99.9%) will NOT want to stay in the UK for very long. Long term UK-based renters - way too much risk (of later imposed very low rates of rent, enforced property sales from some later lunatic government...).

        Length of stay is a relatively...
        07-07-2022, 13:39 PM