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    Whilst you can say you will visit to collect rent, you would be well advised to avoid anything that could be considered harassment or a threat.

    Write the tenants a letter saying pay up in 14 days or I will take legal action - then sue them.


      hello Snorkerz,
      thanks a lot for your advice

      can i write a email and text message sayng:

      Dear xxx,
      as agreed you were supposed to pay the due rents last friday
      pay up within Friday the 8th June 2012 or I will take legal action

      she used the email to write "I would be able to pay the july rent with may and junes straight away."
      and she sent a text after i tried calling her several times saying "i am working"
      that's the prove that she can read emails and text messages

      what do you think?
      many thanks



        A 'letter before action' really needs to be in writing.

        For the sake of a 60p stamp, best to do it properly. Get a free certificate of posting from the post office counter when you post it.


          hello Snorkerz,
          thanks a lot for your advice

          today i tried to call to no avail

          so i sent and email saying:

          "today we tried to call you to say that we haven’t received any payment for May and June yet

          At the end of June return the key to the letting agency xxxx

          If we don’t get any reply from you we will take legal action


          tomorrow i will sent a special delivery letter by post and i will ask for the free certificate of posting

          i will kep you updated
          many thanks


            letting agency - TV not working

            hello everybody!
            the letting agency managing the property advised that the tenants are asking to have these things sorted:
            1) the tv isn't working
            2) one blind slats on a window and it keeps falling down
            the letting agency asked me if they can send somebody to have a look
            i fixed combi boiler, and the bathroom because necessary for the tenants but i am not sure if we should fix tv or blinds
            what do you suggest?
            many thanks


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