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  • Is it too late

    We signed an one year AST 13 months ago and are now on a rolling contract and have just given notice to end tenancy next month. Our landlord has not yet protected our deposit.
    From what I can gather from the schemes' websites, they will only accept his registration of our deposit if there is a genuine reason for late registration.
    The only reason for it not being registered is because he didn't think he had to due to family connections. Will the scheme contact us about it if he tries to register it now or do you think they will just go ahead and let him pay it in 13 months late?

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    There are three deposit schemes. The DPS will protect a deposit, however 'late' it is done (and they won't check with you first). The two others won't protect it due to their respective T&C of membership.

    If the LL protects the deposit with the DPS he should also provide you with details of the scheme etc - known as the 'prescribed information'.


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      Is there a particular reason you are asking? Even if the deposit isn't protected the tenant can't commence a successful legal claim against the landlord once the tenancy is over, and to attempt to do so before the end of the tenancy would be very expensive (no small-claims track) and highly likely to fail.


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