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    Help with Tenenancy Deposit Scheme

    Orginal AST was signed in 2006, deposit was taken and noted on the AST.

    Tenenacy Deposit Scheme was put in place 6/4/2007

    I signed and updated a second AST in 2009, i didnt put the deposit into an Tenancy deposit scheme

    I know want to serve notice on this tenant.

    How do I go about dealing with the Deposit mess and sucessfully issue a section 21

    Originally posted by Joe Public View Post
    How do I go about dealing with the Deposit mess and sucessfully issue a section 21
    Protect the deposit now, using the DPS, link below.

    The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) -

    Then send your tenant the prescribed information, link below.

    DPS prescribed information template -

    You can issue your Section 21 when the above two steps have been followed.


      It would be wise to be able to prove you have completed step 2 before serving your s21.


        Thank you both for the help. I have already issued a section 21 only to find it is not valid.

        I will do what you suggest Mrs Mug and then issue another section 21 after I have sent the TDS information by recorded delivery.

        the 2nd AST was from 1 Aug 2009 for 6month with rent being paid each week.

        What date should i use on the section 21 (4) a.

        I am using the Landlordzone form which has the catch all re dates. So does it matter as long as its 2 months after the date i serve ?

        I really cant afford to get this wrong again. Its the first time in over 10 years ive had to serve a section 21.

        Thanks in advance


          Providing the 2nd AST does NOT have an end date (or if it does, providing it is Sunday 31st January 2010) then each tenancy period will run from Monday to Sunday.

          So, once you have ensured the tenant has received the 'prescribed information' you should serve the new section 21(4)(a) before Wednesday and with an expiry date of "after 11th March 2012". The word 'after' is essential. If you can not serve by Wednesday then you can extend the expiry date to "after 18th March 2012".

          Forgive me for saying so, but there is some dispute over the reliability of the landlordzone section 21 template. My personal preference is



            Thankyou for your help

            Why is it a Monday to Sunday. The 1 Aug 2009 was a Saturday, is it because its a weekly contract ?

            Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question



              Oh I cant get your link to work



                Ive just been trying to understand the day of the week the contract runs to and from. Ive re read the contract I made

                Its starts 1st Aug 2009 (a saturday) and runs for 12 months so finishes 31st July 2010 (a saturday). It has no finish date

                So does this mean my tenancy periods are therefore running sunday to monday. Do I therefore need to give a monday as a finish date ie 12th or 19th March



                  So, the tenancy runs Saturday 1st August 2009 to Saturday 31st July 2010.
                  Therefore the first 'periodic' tenancy period will run for the week from Sunday 1st August 2010 to Saturday 7th August 2010. All subsequent periods will therefore run Sunday to Saturday.

                  The key date for an s21 is the last day of a tenancy period, which in this case will always be a Saturday. So, you need to give at least 2 months notice and the expiry date must be a Saturday.


                    Just wanted to say thank you for your help



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