Boiler repair reasonable time.

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    Boiler repair reasonable time.

    An issue much discussed on here. This is what a court decided;


    A LANDLADY who left her tenants without hot water for four months has been fined more than £700 after being prosecuted by Halton Borough Council.

    Teresa Kirk, 44, of Pochard Rise, Runcorn, found herself in trouble after investigations by the council’s environmental health officers found she was in breach of an abatement notice served under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 on a property she owned in Limekiln Row.

    £700 is paltry for over 4 winter months without hot water. Cheaper than replacing the boiler.

    Slightly better


      The Ilford £2000 fine was for other offences as well.

      Just posting to put the 'four days without hot water' type posts into perspective.

      I'd be interested to see a case where a tenant was awarded damages.


        I thnk this may be what you're looking for
        Originally posted by Nearly Legal
        Aslam v Ali, Birmingham County Court, 10 June 2009.
        The Claimant, his wife and eight children lived in a 4 bed house. From 2003 to 2006 the central heating only worked in two rooms. The windows were rotten and draughty in the kitchen and bathroom. There was penetrating damp and defective plaster in kitchen and hallway. During the winter, the whole family had to sleep in two rrooms and use extra blankets. The boiler was replaced in 2006. Windows were replaced in kitchen and bathroom by the tenant but the other defects remained.
        50% of the rent of £60 per week from 2003 to 2006
        33.3% of the rent from 2006 to 2009
        Special damages including costs of extra blankets and the replacement windows and doors.
        if the compo droped from 50% of the rent to 33.3% of the rent from the date the boiler was replaced, that implies the boiler was worth only 16.7% of the rent. Suprisingly low IMHO.

        On a £750 a month rent that would put appropriate compo at around £4.12 per day.


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