HELP the newby ......... please!! Rules and Regs advice needed !!

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  • HELP the newby ......... please!! Rules and Regs advice needed !!

    Hi everyone, I am very new to the forum and still very green as a landlord so if you would all be patient with me I’d appreciate it. First things first I have never used and agency to rent my property but have always managed to find tenants. My question is……….. are there any specific regulations for health and safety with regards to the property, I understand the gas safe and PAT test ones but are there any more? Are there rules on whether a stair case must have a banister or how far windows should open, fire safety regs? Signage? Anything that you think I should know I probably don’t!
    I don’t expect people to write all these rules down unless you want to (that would be class by the way) but if you know of any web pages that may explain it better or give advice that would be appreciated.

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    The Housing Act 2004 brought the Housing Health and Safety Rating System into legislation.

    This isn't a simple list of do's and don'ts, each item is allocated a score and once you reach a certain level then it becomes a problem. In most instances the only person who can make such a decision is an Environmental Health Officer.

    Is your property occupied by more than 2 unrelated people?


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      I have been considering renting to contractors because of the larger value per room. Also I know that there will soon be an influx of regen work in the town where I live.
      Does the unrelated tenant issue pose a problem.


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        Hello Mr Optimistic, and welcome to the forum.

        The following link summarised all landlord obligations for private residential properties rented to a single family, i.e. not HMOs.

        Having unrelated tenants does not pose a 'problem', but it does mean the property is a HMO and so has to meet additional requirements.


        Note that not all of these obligations relate to Health & Safety.

        This information is not going to provide specific answers to your questions such as whether a staircase must have a bannister or how far the windows should open. However there are online guides to each peice of legislation - Google is your friend. Try searching for "Landlord Guide" and the name of the particular peice of legislation.

        I would review each peice of legislation against your property, and then post any specific questions you still have in the Safety: HHSRS, Fire Risk, Gas & Elec forum.

        All the rules are written down, but you have to do a bit of work to find them. The members of the forum can provide a lot of advice about the practical interpretation of the rules.


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          Cheers Guys this is all a big help.
          For once I am looking forward to doing some reading!
          Thanks again.


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