Landlord asked to sign a Disclaimer from letting agent.

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    Landlord asked to sign a Disclaimer from letting agent.

    Hi Everyone

    My letting agent has continued with a tenant swop on a 12 months contract,(4 months left) despite my insistence on a home owner Guarantor(Deed of Guarantor for the new tenant as they failed the credit check), My agent sent me the new contract to sign and an Indemnity letter which states, I/We also understand that by accepting guarantors who are responsible for part of the rent only, I/we will be unable to take out the Legal and Rent Guarantee Insurance. also we have already advised you that some aspects of the proposed tenancy fall outside our usual practice, best advice or terms of business. All of this is untrue and ignores my email about the Deed of Guarantor, I have emailed all concerned to say that the old contract(without the new tenant) is still in place, my agent has emailed me to say the old tenant is now surrendered from the tenancy. Can they do this Legally?

    Can they do this Legally?
    I don't think 'legally' has anything to do with it, they are your employees and should be complying with your instructions.

    They should not be able to accept a surrender from your tenant without your sayso, so I agree that the original tenancy remains in place.

    A good case to sack them I think.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


      Thats reassuring, The agent has emailed to say they sent me the documents? I have just noticed that the disclaimer/new tenancy agreement is dated the 9th but I received it on the 13th via email, the same day the new tenant moved in? Sounds fishy to me, what do you think?


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