The Tenants Deposit Scheme

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    The Tenants Deposit Scheme

    Me and my partner moved into a house around three months ago, we were struggling to pay the rent so asked if the Letting Agency could find a few more people to move in.

    Eventually more people moved in but they are a nightmare to live with so we are looking to move out but the letting agency have said that the deposit we have put down cannot be taken out early (since we signed a 12 month contract) and if it is then we will lose something like £250 of the whole £750 we put down.

    Is this true? Would we really lose this much? The people we are living with are completely different to us and have pretty much made it impossible to stay in the house - instead of sharing a whole house we pretty much have a room because all they do is talk about us and each other behind everyones back... it is a horrible situation to be in.

    Do you have one contract between all of you, or separate contracts (perhaps one contract per room?)

    Does your tenancy agreement have a 'break clause' that allows you to leave the property before the end of the 12 month agreement?


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