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    I hope you don't mind me posting here but I'm looking for a bit of advice. It's quite long winded so I'll apologise in advance.

    We've been renting our property for just over 3 years, never had any problems with the landlord at all.
    2 weeks ago (5/12), I rang our letting agents to let them know of a fault with our cooker as whenever we turn the oven or the 2 front hobs on, it shorts the electric in our house, rendering them unusable. The letting agents advised that they will book it as a fault and deal with it.

    Wednesday 7/12 - received a call from the letting agents advising that the landlord had authorised an electrician to attend the property to repair it and the electrician would be in touch the following day.

    Thursday 8/12 - no electrician called.

    Friday 9/12 - I rang the letting agents to advise that we hadn't heard anything from the electrician and I was advised that they woul*w//d chase it up.

    Saturday 10/12 - Receive a phonecall from the letting agents asking whether the cooker had been repaired. I explained the situation and again I was asked to leave it with them and they would get back to me. Half an hour later, they rang back and said, having spoken to 3 electricians, it would be cheaper for the landlord to replace the cooker than to get it repaired and asking for the measurements so it could be ordered.

    Monday 12/12 - I call the letting agents to give them the cooker dimensions.

    Tuesday 13/12 - letting agents call as landlord is querying whether the oven and hob are separate or joined.

    Thursday 15/12 - letting agents call asking if an electrician can attend to check the fault as the landlord is querying the fault full stop as the cooker was brand new ... 5 years ago!! I advise that it's fine, and electrician is booked for 1pm. Electrician finally arrived at 5.30 when we were eating tea, was here for 5 minutes, agreed that the fault existed and went on his way saying he'd report back to the letting agents.

    Friday 16/12 - I ring the letting agents for an update and am advised that they have emailed the landlord with the electricians report and we have to wait.

    Monday 19/12 - I go into the letting agents. They are still awaiting a response from the landlord regarding the electricians report. Again I'm asked to wait. By now, my patience is starting to wear thin. at 5.20, I receive a phone call from someone else within the letting agency asking whether our cooker has been sorted as they're closing on Thursday for Christmas. Again, I go through the whole saga and am asked to wait so she can speak to the lady that's supposedly dealing with it.

    So that's where we stand at the minute. The letting agents close in 3 days for 2 weeks, I have 3 children, 2 of which have special needs, family due to arrive at the end of the week for Christmas, and no way of cooking Christmas dinner. I have been patient, and at any other time of the year, I would just let them get on with it.

    So, my questions: how long, by law, do they have to resolve this? And what should my next step be to get this resolved?

    Many thanks in advance, and apologies for the length of the post.


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    It's been far too long. Your best bet is to get another oven and have it fitted asap, possibly you are too late for Christmas even now. If you have contact with your landlord tell him what you are having to do, otherwise tell the LA. Your agent sounds as if they are concerned but that don't get the turkey cooked does it?
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      It sounds to me like some spilled liquid has got inside the controls. Have you tried the oven recently?


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        Originally posted by bearieboo View Post
        So, my questions: how long, by law, do they have to resolve this? And what should my next step be to get this resolved?
        As per Jta, your best bet would be to speak direct to your landlord to get it resolved that way.

        As for the legality-

        It doesn't cover ovens.


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          The question has probably already been answered, and the OP will not return.

          Were at the other end of the chain. We have given our tenant our contact details, though they still reported all faults through the letting agent. The letting agent handles this for us and we receive updates on the property.

          Only recently we found out that an outstanding repair from 4/5 weeks ago is still on going. Permission was given to repair, though the tradesman did not get around to do it. Only when we contacted the letting agent to check for progress that we found this out.

          We swiftly gave them a kick up the rear, and they sorted it out.

          So this is a 2-way thing, pressure from below & pressure from the top. Though the pressure from the top is always greater than from the bottom..


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            Chicco, the problem is that it is your responsibility, if you delegate the work to someone else (agent etc) it is still you who carries the can


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