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    Cleaning Questions

    A bit of advice prior to my next tenant moving in would be gratefully received.

    What principles do you employ in ensuring a property is left in a good clean state at the end of a tenancy? Is there such thing as a cleaning clause (i.e. T must provide receipt for full clean of house before they go, or similar)? And if it's not clean, or there are bits of minor damage (that could be repaired yourself), do you do that, or always get someone in + receipt for work?

    I've had my fingers a little burnt recently and am keen to avoid the same situation again. Had the flat fully redecorated before the last tenant moved in - walls, ceilings, radiators, everything repainted. It's hard floors, so no carpets. New furniture throughout (as first time letting it furnished). Kitchen is 20 years old, but clean and not overtly damaged. Took a video walk-through of the whole flat before the tenant moved in, and took a very detailed inventory that they did not contest when they arrived.

    T left after just 6 months (I hold deposit, officially protected). Kitchen in particular was filthy. No problems, I think, I'll just get it over and done with myself and move on. Took a couple of photos of the worst bits. Hob/microwave were horrendous. Big burn mark on surface. Broken blind (replaced). Hook torn off bathroom door - repaired by self. Almost two days of scrubbing the flat later, I'm nearly done.

    Not sure what to do about deposit. Can I make a deduction for the backbreaking cleaning I have done myself (including materials)? The replacement blind I have a receipt for. What about the burn mark on the kitchen surface? As I say it's the original, old kitchen, but the surface otherwise had only minor marks on it. I don't propose to rip it all out just for that… and yet this is all bringing down the quality of the property for the next tenant.

    Keen to avoid this happening every six months.

    What do you all do in these situations?


    Charge the tenant for whatever you consider is not fair wear and tear, if you are spending time cleaning then you can charge a reasonable hourly rate, about £9.25 an hour I think.

    Even though you charge them for the damage, you do not have to replace items but make sure your next inventory includes those items and their current condition.
    I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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