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    Thank you so much everyone. At least we know where she stands now, even if it's not exactly the answer we hoped for.

    She and her kids will probably stay with me now until the end of March and she will pay the rent for the property whilst her ex-partner enjoys the house for a few more months. Wow!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!


      If the ex-partner is working and able to contribute to the rent, why doesn't she just pay half and inform LL of the situation - he could then choose to pursue ex-p for the remainder? Why is she thinking of paying the whole lot?
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        He is not employed at the moment but has 15k in the bank. The rent and all bills come out of her account. She is working. He gave her £300 yesterday instead of the agreed £500 towards the 1k+ costs of rent and utility bills because he had a car repair etc (Don't ask!)

        So far only the LA knows about all this and my friend is worried that if the LL gets envolved. He may not want to give her a new AST after all this is over. She prefers to get money of her ex-partner to ensure rent is paid in full on time to keep the LL happy.


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